Many visitors to our church have significant questions about God. We encourage the exploration of these questions and seek to provide insights utilizing the Bible, Sciences, and Spiritual disciplines.  


We all have a story, and we all need to be forgiven and loved. Jesus Christ is the God of the "second chance", and we are here to help you find wellness through God’s ability to restore your heart, mind, and soul.

Meeting Family.

Church is community and everyone is important. Enter into meaningful relationships with people who care by experiencing the supernatural love of Jesus at OACC.   

Make a Difference.

Discover your role in the Global community serving others at home or abroad. We empower opportunities for you to participate in both short and long-term missions and programs designed to bring hope and love to those in need.

What we Believe

Through careful study, we have come to believe...


  • That the Bible is the inspired message of God to mankind.
  • That God exists in the person of the Father, is revealed to man in the person of Jesus, and is now resident in believers in the person of the Holy Spirit.
  • That all people sin by nature and by choice.
  • That God willingly forgives all who will accept the death of Jesus as the payment for their sin.
  • That Jesus arose bodily from death and ascended into Heaven.
  • That Jesus will return bodily to Earth to receive His Church.
  • That all will be raised bodily and spiritually from death.
  • That all will stand before God.
  • That the consequence of unforgiven sin is death and destruction in Hell.
  • That all believers of all time will be joined with Jesus Christ eternally in what Jesus called the Kingdom of God.
  • That the chief purpose of the Church is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.