We are often asked "What is an Advent Christian?" so if you are wondering that, it is okay to ask. Our church is a part of a group of churches known as the Advent Christian Denomination. (Yes, this is different than 7th Day Adventist churches, we are sure they have great churches but ours is a separate denomination)  

What makes us different than other denominations? Another good question... well we are actually very similar in most regards with many other mainstream churches, but our name and our emphasis come from our belief that Jesus is returning soon, and we should be sharing the Good News about Him with a real sense of urgency.  When Jesus comes to Earth, the term used to describe it is an Advent. You may have heard Christmastime referred to as "The Advent Season." We became known as Advent Christians because our churches often spoke about the second coming of Jesus that He Himself taught about in the Bible, the second Advent.   

Are you prepared for His return? We would love to talk with you about it, after all, time may be short, and we want you and your loved ones to be ready.