• We ask people that can wear masks, to do so, on entry and exit of the building, and whenever they aren't seated. We have hand sanitizing stations by each entrance and we have seating marked out for use of every other row. 
  • We have an upbeat and energetic service with a worship band and sermons that address everyday issues.

  • Dress is casual; we don’t care what you look like on the outside, we care about who you are on the inside.

  • You will see all kinds of people from the Oxford Hills area. Singles, parents with small kids, teens, grandparents, 20 somethings, people from all walks of life.

  • We love God, believe in the Bible and want to help you with your questions. We take God seriously but try to not take ourselves too seriously.

  • The best way to find out if you will fit in is to come and give us a try!

sundays at oacc

10:00 AM Church Service
Our service is contemporary with a worship band and sermons that address everyday issues. 

We have a volunteer staffed Nursery and Kid's Church available for children ages 0-10.


Q: What time are services and where are you located? 

A: Our Regular Sunday Service begins at 10:00am every week at 1130 Main St, Oxford, ME 04270.        

(Contact Info - click here.)   

Q: What should I expect at the Sunday morning service? 

A: We start at 10:00, You can expect a welcoming environment, music led by our worship band, a friendly atmosphere and preaching that helps you with your everyday life. It usually runs until about 11:15 and then people tend to hang around to visit.   

Q: What about my Kids? 

A: We offer a nursery setting for you to take your children ages 0-3. We also offer a "junior church" experience for Ages 4 through 8 during our 10:00 church service.

(We also offer Sunday School classes for all  other ages. (Sunday School is on Sunday mornings at 8:30.)

During the week we have Youth Group meetings and activities. We also engage our youth in local and international mission trips.   

Q: What should I wear? 

A: Most people at OACC dress casually on Sunday mornings. You will see people in jeans and t shirts as well as khakis and button down shirts. Wear what you feel comfortable in. We’re interested in your heart, not your fashion sense.  

Q: What do you believe? 

A: We have information about that on our "who we are" page. You can get there by clicking here!

Q: Will you ask me for money? 

A: If you are visiting or new, we will not ask you for money. We do take a collection every week but please don’t feel the need to put anything in.  (If you have chosen OACC as your church home then yes, we encourage Biblical tithing. Our offerings go directly to funding all our ministries and expenses of the church.) You can learn more about biblical giving here.

Q: I have questions about God… 

A: We’re really excited that you have questions about God. We’re here to try our best to help you find those answers. Not only that, but to help you develop a personal relationship with Him too. Not sure what that means? Well that is a great question too! We're here to help you explore answers to those and some of life's other tough questions.