WHAT is Missions and WHY do we engage our church family and our community in "Helping us help others"?
First, missions is the sharing of HOPE and LOVE through acts of service in our community, our state, our nation and around the world.
Second, we are convinced that Jesus established churches so that they would be His ambassadors in this world and not just speaking about it but actually going and living out the what He has taught us.
We would love you to join us as we serve LOCALLY, In WASHINGTON & OXFORD COUNTIES. In MEXICO, NICARAGUA and GUATEMALA.
You can also be a huge help by joining us with our annual pledges to financial support many missions organizations and people around our world with a FAITH PROMISE PLEDGE.


Washington County & Oxford County

For 6 years we have been partnering with multiple churches and community leaders in the towns of Big Lake and Princeton in Washington County Maine. Each year we do multiple projects for families in their community, the local elementary school, and this past year, we worked with the town to revitalize a public park and athletic complex.

We are working on plans for August 2022 to combine a youth outdoor challenge event and some local mission work projects in Big Lake and the town of Princeton. Stay tuned for details.

Mark your calendars now!!



7.6.22 Guatemala Mission Team

We are excited to be building another Youth Team that will be working with the CCCG team in the work in Guatemala City, and the 16 villages in the Rio Dulce and Montericco regions. We will be constructing Eco-Stoves, Water Purifiers and Raised Bed Gardens for the homes in the villages that the clinics serve.

Additionally, we will be helping with day camps for the children in multiple villages. Games, skits, lessons and crafts that help build relationships and understanding for everyone involved.

For more information about our teams traveling, please contact us here

Guatemala is about the size of Tennessee but has a population 3 times greater. This 3rd world country is home to some of the most amazing historical pyramids, jungles, and a rich and beautiful culture colored by a proud and dynamic people. We partner with an amazing church in Guatemala City, working side by side in the indigenous villages in the north-eastern area around the Rio Dulce River. Some of the villages are more than 1000 years old and their Mayan heritage still runs deep.

Our partner in Guatemala, C.C.C.G. began working in these villages over 15 years ago and we have found them to be friendly and responsive. Our goal is to bring HOPE to these untouched group of villages. Building them up through their village church, school and local Elder’s to be more self-sufficient, healthier and better educated. We do this with sponsored feeding programs, construction projects including: clinics, schools, churches and retreat centers as well as camp teams that visit each of the villages.

We build teams to travel to Guatemala on a regular basis and love to include as many as possible on these life changing trips.


We have a long-standing relationship with our partners in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Our friends at 99+1 serve the local residents with housing and a daycare for the elderly and host mission teams like ours that do construction projects in local schools, orphanages and churches.
Click this link to visit their web-site to learn more about the important work that they do. www.99plus1.org

For More Information contact: darren@oaccmaine.org


How we serve in Nicaragua:

CICRIN is a non-denominational church and Christian home for needy children located on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, a poor, economically isolated country where the average worker earns only $4.70 per day. 
One of our purposes is to improve the lives of Nicaraguan children who are orphaned, abandoned, or are in danger in their homes by partnering with the village church and it’s orphanage. Additionally, we do construction projects with the orphanage as well as in the surrounding villages. We also provide uplift opportunities to the families in the surrounding areas based on the skills of each team.

Please stay tuned for updates and team meeting dates and times.
FMI: darren@oaccmaine.org

Serve locally

We learn so much through acts of service and kindness. As a church family we desire to be fully engaged in the positive transformation of our families and neighbors in the Oxford Hills communities.

Local Missions Highlight:

Children's Food Ministry, aka Feed the Kids!
            Through monetary & physical donations we are able to provide much needed food for an  average of 27 children at the local elementary school each week for the entire school year.  Reports & cards are a testament that this ministry is blessing these young lives.

What is our GOAL?


The question for all of us is HOW?

The question for YOU is: